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SNDRE International Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.
         "SNDRE" is  the Chinese State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office approved the filing of the intellectual property agency, is the China Branch of AIPPI member of the International Trademark Association, the China Foreign Trade Promotion Committee members. After a sustained and stable development, "SNDRE" has grown into China's leading intellectual property agency, international trademark registration, an international patent registration, trademark registration Madrid, well-known trademarks have become the dominant service items.
         "SNDRE" The main business scope: trademarks, patents, copyrights, overseas companies and related legal matters, such as trade mark, trademark registration inquiries, applications for trademark registration, well-known trademarks, patent applications, patent rights, PCT international application, and the rights of copyright registration, customs registration, protection for the registration, renewal and monitoring of IP rights, serving both the domestic and international clients/agents. etc. Since its establishment, the company always adhere to the customer needs to provide individualized, systematic in-depth services to enable customers to protect intellectual property rights, to promote the appreciation of intangible assets, the strategic goal to promote enterprise development, to exceed the expectations of every client by offering the most considerate IP protection solutions, with greater value and dedicated experienced manpower, thus optimizing case efficiency and timeframe.Our cooperators are distinguished by their legal expertise combined with their case-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.SNDRE brings a professional and innovative approach to the IP protection, working closely with the clients.

Samsung, Teva, DC Comics, Coca-Cola: Intellectual Property

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Dyson inventor calls for radical change to patent laws

From: (CNN)12.7,2011. -- British innovator James Dyson, who has built a multi-billion dollar empire aro

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